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Army Patrol Shop focuses on the development and manufacture of intelligent water cannons, and manufactures more reliable fire water cannon products to serve users!


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真实消防水炮案例安装效果展现 Military patrol shop real fire water cannon case installation effect shows

Plants, warehouses, logistics centers, gyms, schools, shopping malls, etc. have corresponding renderings in the army patrol shop

Only two things in 12 years: R & D, manufacturing

"Army Patrol Shop" has a number of intelligent water cannon R & D patented technology, focusing on intelligent water cannon R & D and manufacturing, with the goal of creating industry excellence.

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Focus on smart fire
Create industry products
Strength manufacturers brand highlight quality Reliable brand manufacturers without any bad records

● Persist in mission and manufacture reliable fire water monitor products to serve users.

● The company was established in 2007, focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of fire monitors, with a registered capital of 20 million.

12 years of manufacturing experience, independent development of software and hardware, one of the few domestic manufacturers with core technology.

● Provide fire water monitor products and services for 2000+ fire protection projects, including China Railway, Wanda, Evergrande, Yuantong and other top 500 companies.

Product rich fire industry leaders Fully qualified national compulsory certification, credible Product rich fire industry leaders

◎ All models of intelligent fire monitors and electronically controlled fire monitors for the military patrol have CCCF fire protection product certifications and inspection reports.

◎ Nine practical new patents, core software copyright certificate of fire water monitor, professional R & D team keeps the fire water monitor you currently buy at the forefront of the industry.

◎ Executive director of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Hardware and Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce , All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Hardware and Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce AAAAA-level integrity enterprise, 3C certified stable and qualified enterprise, director of Henan Fire Protection Association

Military quality rigorous testing standards The low failure rate comes from the military inspection patrols. Every military quality rigorous testing standards

▲ Raw materials: sensors imported from Japan with wide sensing band; LD31 aluminum alloy structural parts that do not leak for a long time; Taiwan Mingwei power supply with stable and reliable voltage; DC stepper motor with fast and accurate positioning.

▲ Production process: assembly line production process, one loop inspection, one loop guarantees the stability, reliability and high consistency of each fire water monitor.

▲ Inspection process: 17 inspection procedures, 30 scene-type water-spraying fire tests, and 168- hour uninterrupted aging test before a qualified military patrol smart fire monitor can be produced.

Quality service from worries Signing a contract five replay guarantee quality service from worries

◆ Designed by designers free of charge for 5 years , optimized drawings.

◆ Special person guides the installation of fire monitors, so don't worry about rework .

◆ Door service within 24 hours in the province and within 48 hours outside the province.

◆ Quality issues. During the warranty period, only change without repairing. Outside the warranty period, long-term warranty.

◆ Professional and technical visits to assist with fire inspection and acceptance.

Army Patrol Shop -Service Process

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合作多家500强企业口碑遍布全国 The army patrols cooperates with many top 500 companies and has a reputation throughout the country

Serve our customers with a more professional attitude

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Army Patrol Company Profile

Army Patrol Shop (Affiliated Agency: Gongyi Liangda Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, design and production of military Patrol Shop brand large space high-altitude smart water cannons. The company has a number of patents and software copyrights for intelligent fire water cannon products It is a manufacturer with core technology in the same industry. The company was established in 2007 with self-support import and export rights. It is an executive director unit of the National Chamber of Commerce of Industry and Commerce of Hardware and Electrical Machinery. It is recognized by the national compulsory certification 3C for fire protection products ...

Frequently Asked Questions


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What is the water leak in the mall fire monitor?
As a popular fire-fighting equipment, automatic fire-fighting water cannons have been used in many sites in China ...
Installation distance
Large-capacity sites such as warehouses, industrial plants, and production workshops are now making full use of full intelligence ...
Automatic fire monitor, the longest shot
Today's society is a society where science and technology lead progress. With the increasing degree of intelligence ...
Military Patrol Shop Fire Water Cannon Installation Details
Every day there are many factories, warehouses, shopping malls standing on the ground, so the necessary fire protection facilities ...
Smart Fire Water Cannon It's "Smart
What is the intelligence of the intelligent fire water monitor? Now, whether it is a mall or ...
Automatic fire water monitor and smart fire
The basic principles of automatic fire monitors and large-capacity intelligent fire monitors are the same: for example ...
How to properly control fire monitors
The method of realizing the automatic and manual operation of the fire water monitor is to carry it out through the host computer ...
Automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing system
Automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing system is a new type of fire water monitor, automatic fire monitor, ...
Automatic fire water monitor structure included
Automatic fire monitors are an integral part of the fire protection industry. As we all know, automatically ...
Problems with smart fire monitors
The convenient use of smart fire monitors in daily life is believed to be obvious to everyone, ...

Company news


The Origin of the Brand in the "Military Patrol" Intelligent Fire Water Cannon

Origin of the brand in the military patrol brand smart fire water cannon: The full-time fire patrol army originating in China has been established for nearly 1,000 years. famous. ...

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Pay attention to fire protection, cherish life, start from me

We have been exposed to many fire reports in the past, and we have seen too many fire losses and even loss of lives. But have we learned the lessons and paid attention to fire protection projects? Please see the report: Nanning, China News Network on May 25 Telegraph (Reporter Wang Gang) Guang ...

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Values and mission, embodying the enterprise structure

Gree's vision, mission and core values: Vision: Create a global leading air-conditioning company and achieve Gree's century-old world brand mission: Promote the industrial spirit, pursue perfect quality, provide professional services, and create a comfortable and beautiful environment. Mission: To create for the human ...

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